(NEW VERSION) HALO Luminescent Curved Arch Light

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(NEW VERSION) HALO Luminescent Curved Arch Light


Product Description

An updated version HALO Luminescent Arch Light with elegant appearance and advanced quality improved from its old version, it allows artists to adjust and apply it on professional job easier. This LED half moon light will provide a perfect professional look look for your store/clinic. This time, we change the stand for easier adjustment and better reach.

Take the hard work out of lighting and put it into achieving that perfect look for your client:
Brightness Control - Easily dim and increase the intensity level with a simple turn of a dial and observe every detail of your work.

Color Temperature Control - Vary from a cool white to warm glow light to match the optimal setting of your needs.

Arch Design - Like a moon in the sky, this shape provides even lighting without any unwanted shadows. 

Phone Mount Attachment - Rotate easily between landscape and portrait settings, perfect for capturing your work.

Adjustable Height - The two included stands can be adjusted from 125cm-180cm to suit any position.

360 Degree Rotation - Adjustable neck that provides complete rotation and lengthen string for optimal lighting positions and directions.

Lamp Working height: 125-180cm
Input power: 
110V/ 240V, 50HZ - 60HZ
Output power: 

Color Temperature Settings: 2700K - 5600K adjustable
Lifespan: 50000h
Adjustment Brightness: 0%-100% 
CRI: >95 RA
LED Quality: 320 PCS
Lumens: 1800LM
Package list:

1 * HALO Luminescent Curved  Arch Light
1 * Product Manual
1 * Adapter + Power Cord
1 * Stand Part C Assembly
1 * Phone Holder
1 * Base
1 * Sponge
1 * Box




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